Special Needs Planning

A Special Needs Trust (SNT) is a vital tool for preserving government benefits while enhancing the quality of life for individuals who rely on them. At Spano Dawicki & Witt, we understand the complexities of special needs planning and are dedicated to helping you secure a brighter future for your loved ones.

Protecting Government Benefits and Enhancing Quality of Life

Special Needs Trusts are designed to protect means-tested benefits, ensuring that your loved ones continue to receive essential support without compromising their eligibility. While government benefits often provide only the bare minimum, funds in a Special Needs Trust can be used to pay for education, recreation, transportation, technology, and more, significantly enhancing the quality of life for the beneficiary.

Supplement, Not Supplant: How SNTs Work

The primary purpose of a Special Needs Trust is to supplement, not replace, government benefits. By setting up a SNT, you ensure that the funds are used to enhance your loved one’s life without affecting their eligibility for vital benefits. It’s crucial to leave money to a Special Needs Trust rather than directly to the beneficiary, which could jeopardize their access to necessary government assistance.

Trust in Our Expertise

For expert guidance on setting up a Special Needs Trust, contact Spano Dawicki & Witt today. Let us help you create a secure and enriching future for your loved one. Call us at 781-231-7800 or email Help@SpanoDawicki.com to schedule a consultation.

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