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Estate Planning For Property Investments

As a homeowner, you have invested your time and hard-earned income to protect your property and maintain security for your family. Later in life, your home is an asset that can bring you additional financial security, with the right planning techniques.

At Spano Dawicki & Witt, we are experienced in advanced planning methods for the purpose of protecting property investments and long-term financial security for our clients. We also help clients sell off real estate or address sale of property in the probate process.

Asset Planning And Real Estate

In most cases, you can use the proceeds from a home sale to pay for a nursing home or assisted living. Some cases can be more complicated, for example, if one spouse needs nursing home care and the other wants to remain in the home. Our attorneys will work with your family to address your needs and develop an optimal solution, that protects and uses your real estate investments and assets.

Our Boston real estate attorneys are experienced with:

  • Managing assets
  • Financial planning
  • Asset protection
  • Elder law
  • Medicaid and crisis planning
  • Purchase and sale
  • Probate sale and real estate

Probate And The Sale Of Property

After the death of a loved one, including a parent or grandparent, you may be responsible for the sale of property or the distribution of assets. Our lawyers understand the legal complexities of these issues as well as the emotional toll this process can take on a family. We work hard to maximize the value of your property while also working toward the final administration of an estate on behalf of you and your loved ones.

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