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Massachusetts Medicaid (MassHealth) Specialists and Experts

Medicaid benefits, known as MassHealth benefits in Massachusetts, are commonly used to provide extensive care for the disabled and the elderly in their home, assisted living and nursing homes. To qualify for Medicaid (MassHealth) benefits, the beneficiary must be financially and medically eligible.

Current MassHealth Allowances

MasHealth Allowance DescriptionAmount
Community Spouse Resource Allowance$154,140.00
Institutionalized Individual Resource Allowance$2,000.00
Minimum Community Spouse Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance$2,465.00
Maximum Community Spouse Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance$3,853.50
Institutionalized Individual Allowance for Personal Needs$72.80
Average Daily Cost of Nursing Home Used to Calculate a MassHealth Ineligibility Period due to Disqualifying Resource Transfers effective November 1, 2022$433.00
Home Equity Limit$1,071,000.00

At Spano Dawicki & Witt, with offices in Saugus, Woburn, Beverly and Boston, our Massachusetts Board-Certified Elder Law and Medicaid (MassHealth) attorney and expert planning team have extensive experience in the complex field of Medicaid (MassHealth) law and will work strategically to help you get the benefits you need, protect assets, and live as indecently as possible.

Eligibility For Benefits

To be eligible for benefits, an individual must require assistance with at least two of the following six daily activities: bathing, dressing, going to the bathroom, moving from a bed, eating, or caring for incontinence.

In addition to physical impairments, the individual must qualify financially. To be eligible, a single individual cannot have assets more than $2,000 and cannot have a home with equity more than $955,000 (2022). For married couples, the assets of the non-nursing home spouse cannot exceed $137,400 (2022) unless you have a well-qualified attorney create an asset protection plan. If you are considering applying for these benefits but are concerned that you are ineligible, remember that there are sophisticated strategies we can develop for your finances so that your loved one will qualify, and you can protect your benefits. Our highly experienced attorney can help explore your options. Don’t be mislead by those who tell you that you must “spend down” to qualify.

Planning For The Future And Applying For Benefits

Our expert team develops comprehensive Medicaid (MassHealth) strategies to protect assets, preserve independence, create winning Medicaid (MassHealth) applications, and represent individuals and families in Fair Hearings (appeals) to obtain and protect benefits eligibility. We can also protect assets and income. It is a myth that you must spend-down to be eligible for MassHealth. A few of the many Medicaid (MassHealth) services that we provide include:

  • Medicaid (MassHealth) asset protection experts
  • Medicaid (MassHealth) application experts
  • Medicaid (MassHealth) Superior Court appeals attorneys
  • Medicaid (MassHealth) income protection experts
  • Medicaid (MassHealth) home protection experts
  • Medicaid (MassHealth) crisis intervention experts
  • Elder law and elder care planning experts

Crisis Medicaid (MassHealth) Planning And Intervention

If a loved one was recently released from the hospital, needs immediate care or has been transferred to a rehabilitation or nursing home, we can help with crisis planning, including asset and income protection. You may need immediate financial support to subsidize nursing home costs or to deal with a loved one who needs immediate care or is suffering from neglect or self-abuse. Our legal and financial team works with a vast network of medical professionals. We can help establish an immediate solution and long-term care plan for your loved one.

Denied Benefits? Contact us. Our Saugus, Woburn, Beverly, and Boston Massachusetts Medicaid (MassHealth) Appeal Lawyers are experts when it comes to overturning denials

Has your application for long-term care benefits (Medicaid / MassHealth) has been denied? Call us Immediately! We can help! If it is not an emergency and you wish to prepare for the future, we can also help. Contact our greater Massachusetts Medicaid (MassHealth) legal and financial experts today. Call or text 781-231-7800 or email, to take your first step to solving your problem.

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