Healthcare Proxies

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Understanding the significance of healthcare proxies is paramount in ensuring your medical wishes are respected during times of incapacity. A healthcare proxy, also known as a healthcare power of attorney or medical power of attorney, designates a trusted individual to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so. This document not only provides peace of mind for yourself but also ensures that your healthcare preferences are followed and your medical treatment aligns with your wishes. Whether you’re facing a sudden medical emergency or dealing with a prolonged illness, having a healthcare proxy in place allows you to appoint someone you trust to advocate for your best interests and make informed decisions about your care. By proactively establishing a healthcare proxy, you can take control of your medical future and ensure that your healthcare wishes are honored, even when you’re unable to express them yourself.

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Ready to take control of your medical future? Contact Spano Dawicki & Witt today to establish your healthcare proxy and ensure your healthcare wishes are honored, no matter what tomorrow brings.

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