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We offer a wide set of legal and financial services, family planning, estate planning, wills, powers of attorney, disability planning, elder planning, retirement planning, Probate, Estate Planning, Medicaid / MassHealth asset protection strategies.

From Elder Law To Real Estate We Have You Covered

Our practice focuses broadly on the varied needs of individuals and families as they prepare for the future. At Spano & Dawicki, LLC, you can trust that our attorneys will take an individualized approach to your case, developing comprehensive planning solutions that will address your immediate and future needs. We provide compassionate, dignified support in a comfortable environment where clients can feel open to express any questions or concerns.

Elder Law & Estate Planning

Elder law is a growing and evolving area of practice and our law firm continues to be at the forefront, leading its development.

Because your needs and life circumstances change, our lawyers will work directly with you to create an estate plan to meet your needs at your stage in life.

We often represent newly married couples or those who have recently welcomed a child and need help creating a will for the first time. As life continues, it is sometimes necessary to modify an existing estate plan after a death in the family, a divorce or other significant life change. With retirement planning, there are often a number of issues related to protecting assets and planning for future generations.

Even without a life-changing event, an estate plan should be reviewed every couple of years to ensure that it is still relevant and that the terms still apply to your current circumstances.

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If you are assigned as the personal representative or the executor of an estate after the loss of a loved one, it is important to seek qualified legal counsel. You will be responsible for an accurate accounting of the estate as well as proper administration. At Spano & Dawicki, LLC, in Boston, Massachusetts, our legal team has the necessary experience to protect your interests and the integrity of an estate throughout the probate process.

The probate process can be complex, so it is important to have a clear understanding of your rights as well as your obligations. Our attorneys will take a comprehensive approach, review your interests as an executor or beneficiary, and ensure the timely and proper administration of the estate.

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If a loved one was recently released from the hospital or needs immediate care, we can help with crisis planning and intervention. You may need immediate financial support to subsidize nursing home costs or to deal with a loved one who is in need of immediate care, or is suffering from neglect or abuse; or if your application for long-term care benefits has been denied, we are the experts you want contact? Our legal team works with a network of medical professionals and social workers that can help establish an immediate solution and long-term care plan for your loved one.

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Practice Areas

We pride ourselves on our support and dedication to the client. Our firm makes sure your legal matters are handled with care and dignity.

Elder Law & Estate Planing

Elder Law addresses many issues faced by seniors and their families. Our team helps plan for medical care needs, tackles crisis intervention, assists with placement decisions, and much more. Our estate planning attorneys will custom draft documents, including Wills, Health Care Proxies, Powers of Attorney, and/or Trusts uniquely structured to protect your individual needs.

Trusts & Special Needs Planning

Every client has different needs involving the creation of trusts. Whether you have a dependent or disabled child, specific wishes for distribution of funds, or want to create a trust to avoid probate or protect your assets from a nursing home, we will identify your objectives and create a unique trust just for you.


If your loved one needs help making financial or medical decisions, and you need to obtain a Guardianship or Conservatorship, we can help. Whether your loved one was disabled at birth or suffers from dementia or a traumatic brain injury we can assist you in obtaining the appropriate legal status to protect their health and security.

Probate Law

The probate process is complex. Having a clear understanding of your rights as well as your obligations is important. If you are the Personal Representative (formerly known as the Executor) our team will guide you through the process from appointment through final settlement. If you are the beneficiary of an estate, we will represent your interests and make sure the administration is efficient and proper.

Asset Protection

Restructuring assets can ensure Medicaid benefits are available to you, your spouse or your loved one. We will review your financial situation, identify immediate and long-term solutions, and protect your security and assets. Whether you come to us early and protect for the future, or come in an emergency, we can help you.

Real Estate

Whether you are looking to buy or sell real estate, or transfer to a trust or life estate, we can assist you from start to finish. Assisting with finding a broker, reviewing the listing agreement, the offers to purchase, and the final purchase and sale agreement, we will be by your side.

Estate Tax & Retirement Planning

Worried about preserving income and assets for retirement? Want to minimize taxes upon your death? We can advise you regarding taxation, gifts and estate planning. Taking the time to plan now can protect your assets into the future and minimize estate taxes.


You don’t need to spenddown! As Medicaid experts we develop strategies to protect assets for your family. From the application to the fair hearing (appeal) we will help you qualify and obtain an approval for benefits.

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